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Engineering Planet is where middle school teachers and students are invited to explore concepts in engineering and applied science through lessons that are connected to current problem-solving and research taking place in our university laboratories.

In Technology Classroom, Biogeochemical and Pollution Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Engineering Information Technology are the focus areas of four lesson sequences. Each lesson is connected to current NJ State and National Standards for Science and Technology Education.

These lessons are intended to enhance current teaching in earth science, biology, physics and mathematics and to illustrate how engineering applications are based on these fundamental disciplines. Want to know how microbes can generate electricity, how to make asphalt pavement for better road performance, or how everyday use of energy contributes to changes in our atmosphere? Discover, learn and explore in the Technology Classroom!

Engineering Planet is conceived and created by a team of middle school teachers and Rutgers University faculty. The team leader is Dr. Monica Mazurek, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Ms. Donna Gioffre of Hillsborough Middle School, Hillsborough, NJ and
Ms. Jennifer Lamkie of Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Edison, NJ, are middle school science teachers who translate the science and engineering concepts into lessons featured on the web site.

Lessons created during summer by the Engineering Planet project team are incorporated into lesson plans during the academic school year at Hillsborough and Thomas Jefferson Middle Schools. Every year about 120 students at each school explore, discover and learn new concepts in technology that integrate fundamental skills in science and mathematics. By introducing technology education to middle school students we hope to stimulate life-long learning and curiosity about how technology influences our lives and to promote wise decisions on the uses of technology in a global society.

    ---The Engineering Planet Project Team.

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